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M&A Commodity & Energy Sector

Our consultants and Partners have assisted in commercial due diligence for some State Owned Enterprises in Asia and other firms around the world on their Corporate takeover targets.

Whilst accountants and law firms are able to do due diligence on the mechanics of the business you are looking to take over,  Navitas Resources is able to do the deep dive into the trading strategies and sources of income generation that the Commodity & Energy firm you are targeting is operating.

Our skill and experience permits us to see in to the revenues and check whether record profits reported were a one off, or whether trading strategies and approaches in the Commodity & Energy sector are sustainable and which ones are not.

Give yourself the additional benefit of understanding who are the key individuals generating income inside the company you are targeting, who needs to be kept, and whether the business could survive if they left.  Key person, Key trader identification, strategy sustainability and sector and competitive threat analysis.

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